Goals for the New Year!

new year plansHey guys, it’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog mainly because I put things on hold with my Internet Marketing ventures when the Panda/Penguin updates rolled out. A lot has changed since then in regards to Internet Marketing and SEO. I’ve spent the last few weeks just reading up on things and finding out what is working now. I think I’ve got a pretty good grasp on things, thanks to helpful posts from guys like Becker at Source Wave, Adsense Flippers and Pat Flynn. They are still killing it with either niche sites or affiliate marketing and what’s great is they are completely transparent with how they rank sites and how much they make. Very cool stuff, check them out if you haven’t yet.

What’s New?

This year I have a few ideas which are centered around making authority sites. This blog is probably the most “authority” site I’ve had in the last few years, most of my sites were just made to make a quick buck and with the recent algo updates that just isn’t a good business model now. My girlfriend and I have started working on the recipe site http://www.quickdinnerideas.net/ you may remember it from my post about getting tons of traffic from Pinterest. Everybody has to eat so I figure the recipe niche can be very lucrative and not only that but maybe I can try out some new recipes myself, a win-win situation for sure.

It also seems like PPC is a good option these days. I’ve looked into it a bit but don’t want to spread myself too thin. With the constant algo updates from Google it’s always scary thinking that your website could drop from rankings overnight. That’s why I’ve decided to go with an authority site and utilize social media, YouTube, email marketing, etc to build up a strong following to ensure success. Once that is all setup and running smoothly I will try my hand at PPC.

Adapt or Fail!

It goes without saying that you need to keep your income diversified and with Internet Marketing it’s easy to just focus on they easiest and most profitable way to make money. The only problem is the IM world is constantly changing on if you take a big hit like with Panda/Penguin it can really get you down and make you lose hope. I definitely experienced this myself and as I get back into making money online it looks like some of the old players got out of the game. Most notably the guys from WSO Testers seem to have disappeared. They were relying on niche sites just like the guys at Adsense Flippers and took a big hit with the updates. The Adsense Flippers are not hitting $40k+ months like they used to but they are testing out some new methods and every time I visit their site they are working on a new project. Just like any type of business you have to adapt to changes and offer what the customer or user is looking for.

Going forward I plan on creating sites that users will actually enjoy reading and will want to keep coming back to, not just a crap site that is built for the sole purpose of making money. You always hear the saying “Content is King” and I’m sure that is one thing that will never change. Hope you all are doing well and please share what your plans are for 2013.

[Interview] Going Viral on YouTube – $500 in 48 Hours!!!

youtube logoOver the weekend I spoke with a friend named Brad who recently hit it big with a YouTube video. This interview goes over the exact steps he took to create a video which made almost $500 in just two days and continues to make passive income.

1. What is your Youtube video about?

“My YouTube video is an instructional video about removing water bottle caps with the seal in tact so you can pour your favorite vodka into the bottle and put the sealed cap on. This allows the bottle to appear as a sealed water bottle. Many events allow you to bring in sealed water bottles.”

2. How did you come up with the idea to make a video on this topic?

“Myself and a group of friends had booked a cruise an I was searching for ways to sneak booze on the cruise. I read that carnival allowed water and soda bottles up to 12 per person. I was searching the internet and read somewhere that you could boil the caps off, I also saw a video of just the caps being boiled off.

I started experimenting in the kitchen and perfected it. I was about to do all the bottle caps and my roommate was watching/helping me. I grabbed my camera and he recorded the video for me. I really didn’t have any intentions on making this big, I had just bought a new camera and thought it would be a cool video.”

3. How did you promote the video and get so many views?

“I shot the video and uploaded it in early march before my cruise. I had a few thousand hits on it and a few comments.

In the past few weeks I have recently begun learning affiliate marketing. I was bored from reading and messing around with a few sites I am working on so I posted the video on a popular forum I belong to. I also posted it on Reddit under the videos section.

The Reddit post was hanging out at only a few votes so I put a link to the post on the forum I had originally posted on and asked them to vote on my Reddit link. The forum gave me about 30-40 votes and that gave it a tiny boost so the actual Redditors would see it! Once they saw it, they kept on voting. Soon I was on the main page of the video section, after that I was the top spot on the video section. At one point on was on the 1st page on the Reddit home page!

My video has been tweeted and facebook shared many times and the video at the time of these answers is just about to 200k views with 125k of those views displaying ads.”

4. How much money are you making each day from this video?

“I made $189.02 the first day after posting the video on Reddit. I posted the video on April 2nd at 3pm.

I made $240.16 the second day, April 3rd.

So far on the 3rd day at about 4pm on April 4th I have made $48.57

A total of $478.07 in a little over 48 hours!”

5. How hard was it to get accepted into the Youtube Partnership program?

“I live in Arizona and we had a huge dust storm last summer. I put up a video I took and a few weeks later youtube emailed me and invited me, so I really didn’t apply. I was invited after a threshold of hits. I think I was around 1,500 at the time.”

6. Do you plan on using other ways to monetize the video or create a site related to it?

“I never intended to make money off the video. The only other thing I have done to make money now that its popular was put an amazon affiliate link to some sealed bottle caps on amazon. If they click on the link and buy anything else within 24 hours I get about 7% commission. Amazon only updates once a day so I have yet to see the results.”

7. Are you planning on making more videos?

“Planning, no. Brainstorming, Yes. I don’t have anything planned but money made on this video was awesome. I am thinking of some ideas for videos for the future. Not sure if I will go through with them but there is money to be made from youtube.”

8. Do you have any other tips to share?

“If you want to get noticed on Reddit you will need to have some friends vote it in the beginning.”

Wrap Up

This is a great example of a way to make money online with very little start up cash and you don’t even need a website. YouTube is a gold mine, the key is getting traffic to your videos. Big thanks to Brad for doing this interview and showing us exactly how he was successful with YouTube.

Best Web Hosting Companies 2012

best hosting companies 2012When you are looking to start a website one of the most important steps is finding a reliable hosting company. I’ve done all the hard work for you and researched (and tested) some of the most popular web hosting companies for 2012. Some of the hosts I’ve personally used: Host Gator, Host Monster, and Just Host. The best web hosting company out of those three was definitely Host Gator. Here is a quick review of my top two recommended web hosting companies.

#1 Host Gator – Host Gator is by far one of the most popular web hosting companies, and for good reason. They provide EXCELLENT customer support and make everything very easy to get setup when starting your site. Their plans start at $4 per month and include lots of great options like unlimited add-on domains, unlimited email accounts, and a $100 Adwords coupons. Their control panel is very easy to navigate and great for beginners. This is definitely my #1 recommended hosting company for 2012.

host gator review

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#2 Blue Host – Next up is Blue Host. This company is really putting some heat on Host Gator. They offer a very similar pricing plan and basically all the same options. They are also well known for having great customer support and claim to be signing up 20,000 new customers per month! They have been around since 1996 and many people highly recommend them, including Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income.
blue host review

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When choosing your web hosting company make sure you are fully aware of all the options offered and exactly how much you will be paying each month. Having a reliable web host is very important and you want to make sure you pick one that you can trust. Moving all your sites and files over to a new host can be a huge headache (trust me, I’ve done it before) so you want to pick a good one from the start. If you go with Host Gator or Blue Host I can guarantee you will be happy with the service and support they provide. Those two are the best web hosting companies for 2012.

April Earnings Report

counting changeLast month was definitely one of the worst months I’ve had in a while. Out of the twenty or so sites that I have, the new Google Panda Update only effected one of them. Of course that was the one that has been making the majority of my affiliate income after my five niche sites got deindexed. Go figure right? Needless to say I’m not very happy with big G and have been checking out some other ways to make money online.

I’ve got a few gigs running on Fiverr, I’ve tried my hand at PPC — so far I’ve spent about $10 and got 300+ clicks with 0 conversions. I’ve been testing out marketing on Pinterest (the women on there like to look, but don’t buy much) and researching some new ways to market on Facebook. I’m also looking into making a directory site (very good thread over at Warrior Forum >> Directory Site Profits), and possibly writing some Kindle books. Like always, I’m definitely spreading myself too thin, but if I keep trying out all these different methods one day I’m going to find one that works!

Alright, let’s get to the good part. So how much did I make in April?

CJ.com – $125
Adsense – $68.31
Clickbank – $13.30
Blue Host – $65
Fiverr – $72


Pretty sad, especially compared to February earnings, when I made over $1,000. This month I’m sure I can get back up to the $500 mark. I have a new niche site that is climbing fast and just today has already made $5. I also have been working on a blogspot blog to replace the site that got hit by the big bad Panda update. It is moving up the ranks fast and best of all it was free. Why buy domains anymore if Google just penalizes sites left and right and shows preference to it’s own products (Blogspot and Youtube)? I’m taking full advantage of that and making several Blogspot blogs and working on ranking my Youtube videos.

Goal for May = $500

My Storage Auction Adventure

storage unit auctionToday I’d like to take a break from Google and SEO stuff and talk about one of my offline money making methods. If you’ve ever watched Storage Wars on A&E you probably know all about storage unit auctions and how they work. If not, here is a quick summary…

What is a Storage Unit Auction?

If someone is late on paying their monthly rental fees for a storage unit, the storage company has the right to auction off the contents of that locker. The company must announce the auction to the general public and you can find the listings for these auctions in your local newspaper or online at a site called Auction Zip. At the auction bidders can only look inside the unit, no searching through boxes or rummaging around to see what exactly is in there. The bidders have to look in the unit and use their best judgement on what is in there and how much it could be worth. In a way it is sort of a gamble, but if you have experience selling stuff on eBay and Craigslist the odds can be in your favor. Most companies will require you pay in cash and usually charge a $50-100 cleaning fee on top of the final auction value.

How I Got Started With Storage Auctions

When I got out of the Navy back in 2010 I had been watching a lot of shows about storage auctions and figured I’d take a shot at it since they made it look so easy. I had some money saved up and a lot of free time since I was waiting to start school in the spring. I began looking around and found the Auction Zip website and was surprised to find that their were dozens of storage auctions every week in my area. For about a month straight I would go to 5-10 auctions per week and see how the process worked and after going a few times I started bidding on the units. I would say out of the 50+ auctions I went to I only saw maybe five units that were worth bidding on. The TV shows make it seem like every other unit is filled with valuables but in reality the majority of units that come up for auction are full of junk.

The $1,600 Storage Unit

stuff inside storage unitAfter about a month I finally got lucky and won a unit. This was one of the best units I had seen and although I would have liked to have gotten it for a cheaper price, I was pretty stoked when I won it. As you can see from the first picture, there were a lot of people at this auction. About 75 people showed up and when they opened the door for this locker everyone got excited. The unit was packed and in the back you could see two big toolboxes, a big Dewalt saw, a guitar, and a bunch of other tools. “Not too shabby” I thought to myself, I moved out of the way to let others check it out. The bidding started and the price quickly shot up to $1,000. Hold on now, was there something I had missed? I went back and looked and in the corner under a blanket I could see a handlebar sticking out…Oh SNAP! My hand shot up and before I knew it I had won my first storage unit, for a whooping $1,600! This was definitely one of the most expensive units I had seen auctioned off but I had a lot of the seasoned pros tell me that I got a good deal, and most of them hadn’t even seen the dirt bike handlebar sticking out.

After I had paid ($1,650 total including the auction fee) I went back to the unit and started to dig around. I took off the blanket and found a 2006 Suzuki DRZ 125 dirt bike, freaking awesome! This bike sold for $3,000 brand new. I kept digging and found a Fender guitar that was in great condition, a cool 8 ft. windmill, dozens of drills, saws, and the two toolboxes were packed with drill bits, sockets, every kind of tool you could imagine. I was pumped, but then I quickly realized I had a TON of junk. I called a friend to come help and we had to rent a big U-haul to get everything out (you normally only have about 1-3 days to completely clean out the unit). That cost me about $80 and since I live in an apartment I had to go rent another storage unit that was close to home to store all this stuff. That cost me $80 per month.

So I was already down about $2,000, how was I going to make a profit here? I called my cousin to come check some stuff out and he ended up buying $400 worth of tools. Then I began listing things on Craigslist and eBay and sold another $400-500 worth of stuff within a few weeks. After that things slowed down, I had a bunch of Christmas stuff and small items that were going to be hard to sell. I didn’t want to list them all one-by-one on eBay so I ended up holding on to them for a few months. Eventually I was able to offload the rest of the stuff at a neighborhood yard sale for about $600. In the end, I would guess that I got about $3000-$3500  for all of the items in the unit.

storage unit dirt bikestorage auction guitar

storage auction toolbox


drill bits and sockets














Here is a breakdown of how much I sold the big items for:

  • Dirt bike: $425 (not running)
  • Toolbox: $400
  • Assorted Drills, Saws, Chainsaw: $400
  • Paint Sprayer: $125
  • Jeep Headlight: $100
  • Dewalt Saw: $150
  • Fender Guitar: $250
  • Windmill: $50
  • Mixer: $75
  • Yard Sale items: $600

I still have a few items that I’m either keeping or just haven’t gotten around to selling yet, including one of the toolboxes that is empty now, another Jeep headlight, a nice air compressor, and a nitro RC car. All things considered, I did pretty good and came out on top with a gross profit of about $1,500.

Would I do It Again?

Honestly, storage auctions are a lot more work than I had originally expected. They make it look so easy on TV but there are a lot of things that go on behind the scenes that they leave out. If you want to get started with storage auctions it is a lot of fun and can be very profitable, BUT there are a crucial things you need to get set up first.

1) A place to store all the junk! It may take weeks or even months to find the right buyer for all the stuff, so make sure you have an empty garage or shed where you can put everything while you wait.
2) A big van or truck to tote things around in. This one is pretty self-explanatory.
3) Somewhere to sell everything! If you or somebody you know runs a thrift store or pawn shop then it makes things a lot easier. Otherwise you will have to sell on eBay, Craigslist, yard sales, or even at flea markets.

If you can lock down all three of these steps then you are good to go. Like I said storage auctions are a lot of fun, but it’s not “easy money”. Right now, I just don’t have a big enough vehicle or anywhere to store things so I’ve taken a break from storage auctions.

I hope you enjoyed the story, and if you’re planning on trying this out yourself good luck and let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for stopping by!

April 24th – Google Rolls Out New Update Targeting Webspam

google hellThe SEO forums were on fire today after Google rolled out their latest update targeting webspam and sites that are over-optimized.

Both “white” and “black” hat sites seem to have been effected by the recent changes. Several unhappy webmasters voiced their opinions about the new changes and how it effected their sites…

“Authority site with an EMD 9 years old. Gone from rankings. Not a MFA site, authority site with good and bad links to it.”

“Wow, I track 147 keywords and almost all my rankings are gone…this is not good for me…”

“So a Tier 1 web 2.0 property (squidoo page) now outranks my main site. This Squidoo page has only one article and I would say is over optimized, and has almost no backlinks of pagerank.

Update makes no sense what so ever”

Clearly Google has made a huge mistake here….or have they? Some are guessing that Google may just be shuffling up the SERP’s to force small businesses into using Google Adwords, and there may be some truth to that.

Comments like this one from Mark Leenheer on Traffic Planet really make you wonder..

“Whats going on here makes complete sense if you follow the money….

1) Group 1 Ancient zombie sites that have not built a link in the last 3 years and could give a ***** less moved into and fill the top spots.
2) Group 2 people who have been actively trying to rank and build links.

What group do you think is more likely to spend $$$ on Adwords?

They have filled the free seats with dead bodies. Anyone else who wants to see the show will have to pay for a ticket.”

Regardless of Google’s intentions, it seems like nobody is happy about these changes.

So What Exactly Is Google Concerned About?

The two items of concern outlined in the official release were Keyword Stuffing and use of Unrelated Spun Content with contextual backlinks mixed in. Most webmasters avoid keyword stuffing nowadays and with the recent deindexing of ALN/BMR blog networks I wouldn’t have thought spun content would be such a big problem. If that is all that the update was going after it shouldn’t have shaken up the search results this much.

Do a search for “make money online” and you will see a great example of just how skewed the results are. You have a Forbes post from 2007, a relatively new forum with only 77 members, and this gem….

online money making

Scratching your head yet? I sure am, along with many other webmasters and SEO professionals. Hopefully this is just one big glitch in the system and they get things worked out. We’ll just have to wait and see how everything plays out.

You can read more about the update here:

Google Webmaster Central
Search Engine Land Discussion
Warrior Forum Discussion

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