April Earnings Report

counting changeLast month was definitely one of the worst months I’ve had in a while. Out of the twenty or so sites that I have, the new Google Panda Update only effected one of them. Of course that was the one that has been making the majority of my affiliate income after my five niche sites got deindexed. Go figure right? Needless to say I’m not very happy with big G and have been checking out some other ways to make money online.

I’ve got a few gigs running on Fiverr, I’ve tried my hand at PPC — so far I’ve spent about $10 and got 300+ clicks with 0 conversions. I’ve been testing out marketing on Pinterest (the women on there like to look, but don’t buy much) and researching some new ways to market on Facebook. I’m also looking into making a directory site (very good thread over at Warrior Forum >> Directory Site Profits), and possibly writing some Kindle books. Like always, I’m definitely spreading myself too thin, but if I keep trying out all these different methods one day I’m going to find one that works!

Alright, let’s get to the good part. So how much did I make in April?

CJ.com – $125
Adsense – $68.31
Clickbank – $13.30
Blue Host – $65
Fiverr – $72


Pretty sad, especially compared to February earnings, when I made over $1,000. This month I’m sure I can get back up to the $500 mark. I have a new niche site that is climbing fast and just today has already made $5. I also have been working on a blogspot blog to replace the site that got hit by the big bad Panda update. It is moving up the ranks fast and best of all it was free. Why buy domains anymore if Google just penalizes sites left and right and shows preference to it’s own products (Blogspot and Youtube)? I’m taking full advantage of that and making several Blogspot blogs and working on ranking my Youtube videos.

Goal for May = $500


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