[Interview] Going Viral on YouTube – $500 in 48 Hours!!!

youtube logoOver the weekend I spoke with a friend named Brad who recently hit it big with a YouTube video. This interview goes over the exact steps he took to create a video which made almost $500 in just two days and continues to make passive income.

1. What is your Youtube video about?

“My YouTube video is an instructional video about removing water bottle caps with the seal in tact so you can pour your favorite vodka into the bottle and put the sealed cap on. This allows the bottle to appear as a sealed water bottle. Many events allow you to bring in sealed water bottles.”

2. How did you come up with the idea to make a video on this topic?

“Myself and a group of friends had booked a cruise an I was searching for ways to sneak booze on the cruise. I read that carnival allowed water and soda bottles up to 12 per person. I was searching the internet and read somewhere that you could boil the caps off, I also saw a video of just the caps being boiled off.

I started experimenting in the kitchen and perfected it. I was about to do all the bottle caps and my roommate was watching/helping me. I grabbed my camera and he recorded the video for me. I really didn’t have any intentions on making this big, I had just bought a new camera and thought it would be a cool video.”

3. How did you promote the video and get so many views?

“I shot the video and uploaded it in early march before my cruise. I had a few thousand hits on it and a few comments.

In the past few weeks I have recently begun learning affiliate marketing. I was bored from reading and messing around with a few sites I am working on so I posted the video on a popular forum I belong to. I also posted it on Reddit under the videos section.

The Reddit post was hanging out at only a few votes so I put a link to the post on the forum I had originally posted on and asked them to vote on my Reddit link. The forum gave me about 30-40 votes and that gave it a tiny boost so the actual Redditors would see it! Once they saw it, they kept on voting. Soon I was on the main page of the video section, after that I was the top spot on the video section. At one point on was on the 1st page on the Reddit home page!

My video has been tweeted and facebook shared many times and the video at the time of these answers is just about to 200k views with 125k of those views displaying ads.”

4. How much money are you making each day from this video?

“I made $189.02 the first day after posting the video on Reddit. I posted the video on April 2nd at 3pm.

I made $240.16 the second day, April 3rd.

So far on the 3rd day at about 4pm on April 4th I have made $48.57

A total of $478.07 in a little over 48 hours!”

5. How hard was it to get accepted into the Youtube Partnership program?

“I live in Arizona and we had a huge dust storm last summer. I put up a video I took and a few weeks later youtube emailed me and invited me, so I really didn’t apply. I was invited after a threshold of hits. I think I was around 1,500 at the time.”

6. Do you plan on using other ways to monetize the video or create a site related to it?

“I never intended to make money off the video. The only other thing I have done to make money now that its popular was put an amazon affiliate link to some sealed bottle caps on amazon. If they click on the link and buy anything else within 24 hours I get about 7% commission. Amazon only updates once a day so I have yet to see the results.”

7. Are you planning on making more videos?

“Planning, no. Brainstorming, Yes. I don’t have anything planned but money made on this video was awesome. I am thinking of some ideas for videos for the future. Not sure if I will go through with them but there is money to be made from youtube.”

8. Do you have any other tips to share?

“If you want to get noticed on Reddit you will need to have some friends vote it in the beginning.”

Wrap Up

This is a great example of a way to make money online with very little start up cash and you don’t even need a website. YouTube is a gold mine, the key is getting traffic to your videos. Big thanks to Brad for doing this interview and showing us exactly how he was successful with YouTube.


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    Haha, this is an awesome interview on so many levels. I’m definitely going to be trying this tutorial next weekend to a concert I’m going to 😛

    Good stuff Alex!
    Sean King recently posted..How To Make Money With A Blog (For Beginners)My Profile

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      Hey Sean,
      Glad you enjoyed it man! I’ve been busting out my phone a lot lately hoping to catch something that is “viral worthy” lol. I never realized how it easy it was to make money on YT until talking with Brad. Thanks for stopping by and good luck with that concert footage!

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    Thank you Alex for doing this interview. It has been 7 full days now and I am up to $740. It has been steady between $20 and $40 per day for the past few days. I can’t believe it.

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    This just goes to show that there are SO many diverse and interesting ways to get traffic to your site/account/blog. Our job is never really finished, because we can always do something to expand our reach and gain access to a new audience. I haven’t started messing around with videos as of yet, but it appears that it should be on my to-do list.

    By the way, I am grateful x1000 for the knowledge provided in the video. Party time!

    – Vin
    Vin from Rank For Profit recently posted..How to Earn Money to Make MoneyMy Profile

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    Wow, so simple yet creative and bringing in cash! Many of us haven’t yet discovered the gold mine that’s in YouTube although we are aware of the many possibilities.
    What a great way to make passive income! Thanks for sharing and for providing us with ideas.
    Theresa Torres recently posted..Financial Infidelity: Marriage and MoneyMy Profile

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