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Today I’ve been playing around with one of my favorite new Keyword Research tools called Ultimate Niche Finder which was developed by Clyde from Wicked Fire. This software is really the best thing ever for doing keyword research and finding great EMD’s that are available. I’ll be posting a more detailed review of UNF later, now it’s time to get to the good part.

I spent about 30 minutes and found some pretty juicy keywords and since I have a lot of projects going on right now I figured I’d give back to my readers. So here you have four EMD’s that are available (not for long!) and I am even going to tell you the best ways to monetize them. If you need hosting I would recommend Host Gator and Godaddy currently has a promotion that knocks 32% off all orders, see more on that below.


URL AvailableAverage CPC Exact Monthly Local Searches (US)Competition$.362,900Very Easy$.372,900Easy$1.001,300Medium$1.004,400Medium

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How to Monetize

baby hatsCrochet Baby Hats – Looking at this domain’s stats some would be turned off by the low CPC. However you have to stop and think that crochet baby hats are a physical product and one that is typically hard to find in brick and mortar stores. This domain would be great for several different monetization methods, either advertising crochet hats from amazon most of which cost around $15 dollars, contacting Etsy sellers and offering them advertising spots on your site for monthly fees, or even starting your own e-commerce site. Hell, you might want to even do a combination of all three, it’s all up to you.

thong bathing suit Thong Bathing Suit – Who doesn’t like thong bathing suits? Just like the crochet hats, this site has a low CPC, but there are plenty of other ways to monetize sites besides just Adsense. Most thong bathing suits are selling for $40+ on Amazon! This is a very targeted niche and I’m sure visitors to this site will convert well. Commissions from a $40 product will be pretty nice, even with Amazon’s fairly low commission structure and I’m sure you will have fun doing research on this niche


ganglion cyst related wordsGanglion Cyst Treatment – I’d rather not post a pic of a “ganglion cyst” so instead how about some related keywords you could target. This has a pretty decent CPC and of course I don’t think you could find a ganglion cyst for sale on Amazon, so your best bet here would be to monetize with Adsense or a product to relieve this type of problem. Competition looks fairly easy on this keyword and I’ll let you do some more research on which related keywords to go after because I’m just not that interested in looking at pics of cysts since I just ate lunch. If I were going after this niche I would add about 5×500 word articles to get started, add some pics, maybe some videos and put up some ads. Pretty straight forward stuff.

funny cat hat Types of Hats – Saving the best for last! This is a hot keyword for sure. Not only is it a “buying keyword” but it has a nice CPC and high amount of searches. This site has a lot of potential and could be made into an high-earning authority site. There are tons of different types of hats you could target. And again, using affiliate programs like Amazon, maybe a few Adsense ads, and…look at that I just did a quick search and found out has an affiliate program that pays up to 13%, read about it here: There you go, a lot of money to be made with this site. Make sure to thank me if you are the one that snags this domain.

So there you have it, some pretty decent keywords that have EMD’s available. If this goes well I plan on offering up a free list every month to get some traffic to my blog. All I ask in return is a simple thanks or your vote to one of the social buttons, I would greatly appreciate it!
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  • avatar is the only domain still available. Those went quick! And not a single thanks was received lol

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    Hi Alex

    Thanks for this great list. Sorry I was too late to read this post and missed these names. I have subscribed to your list now so that I don’t miss these again. I love to know how you used UNF to find these names.

    Look forward to your future posts.

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    Hi Sukh,
    Thanks for subscribing. You can read more on how I find EMD’s using UNF here –

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    Sorry I missed your timing. I will subscribe to your list. Always interested in a domain buy here and there. It will be great reading some future tips you might have. I get regular requests for EMD domains.

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